Will They Let the Next Tim Tebow Play in Georgia?

February 21

As you may know, Tim Tebow – the Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champion quarterback – was home schooled.  But thankfully for him, he lived just across the Georgia line in Florida, where home schoolers are allowed to play sports on public school teams.

It’s time for Georgia to allow what Florida and 30 other states already permit.  Allowing home schoolers to try out and compete in public school sports benefits everyone – the students, the parents (who already pay for the public schools with their taxes) and the state as a whole.  Just think how much Florida gained by letting Tim Tebow compete!

That’s why Family Policy Alliance of Georgia developed and backed a “Tebow Bill” to give home schoolers equal access to extracurricular opportunities.

But a few key legislators need to hear from you now so that this bill (SB 384) will get a hearing and a vote. Please take a minute to take action on at least one (and hopefully all three).  I’ve put them in order of priority, and it only takes a few moments for each:

Your quick and simple action on these could prove extremely important.  So let me thank you in advance for making your voice heard!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director