Help Get This Pro-Life Bill Over the Finish Line!

February 28

I’m writing with good news – and an appeal for 30 seconds of your time to bring life-giving hope to Idaho women who desperately need it.

The abortion-pill reversal bill is in the home stretch!

YOU helped make it happen in the Senate!  Now your voice is needed to help it happen in the House!

With your help, S1243 passed out of the Senate committee on a 7-2 vote and then passed the full Senate, 29-6.  Unfortunately, not one Senate Democrat voted to allow this hope to be granted to Idaho mothers.

The life-saving potential of this bill is enormous, especially when you consider that almost 50 percent of abortions in Idaho are chemical abortions.

Here’s what happens with RU-486 chemical abortions.  The abortionist gives the pregnant mom two pills:

  • The first (mifepristone) is taken immediately and goes to work starving the baby of nutrients.
  • She’s told to take the second (misoptostol) two days later. The mother is often alone when this pill causes contractions that result in the delivery of a lifeless baby.

What they don’t tell her when they are giving her the pills is that if she has a change of heart after beginning the process (as many women do), there is a safe way to potentially reverse the process and save her baby.

The LEAST we should require of abortionists is that they inform women of this potential life-saving process.

The Abortion Pill Reversal protocol uses the natural hormone progesterone to potentially to help give women the chance to save their preborn baby. It is a protocol that has already been successfully used to save hundreds of babies!

Here’s what you can do:

Please take 30 seconds to email the House State Affairs Committee and ask each member to support S1243.  You can do it with just a click at our Action Center.

Then pray for the legislators on the House State Affairs Committee and the pro-life groups, including Family Policy Alliance of Idaho, who are rallying to bring this life-saving and life-giving hope to Idaho mothers.

Yes, you can help save a life — and save a woman incredible sorrow — even after an abortion has begun.


Julie Lynde
Policy Director