Protect the Helpers

March 1

Dear Friends,

Faith-based adoption agencies in Kansas have been helping children find their forever homes for more than 60 years. Today, their ability to help kids is threatened.

In 2006, Catholic Charities was forced to shut down after 100 years of serving in Boston. Agencies in San Francisco, Illinois, and Washington, D.C. have also been forced to close because of their policy of only placing children in homes with a married mom and dad. Why? The ACLU and other groups launched a national campaign against faith-based adoption providers. Their goal is to coerce agencies with whom they disagree to violate their convictions or shut down.

But Kansans will not be intimidated.

The Adoption Protection Act ensures that faith-based adoption providers will be allowed to continue to operate in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs. It simply codifies what has been practiced in Kansas for decades. Seven states have passed similar laws, including Virginia, whose 2012 law serves as the model for this bill.

There are too many kids in need of forever homes to be driving providers away. Crucially, faith-based providers excel at placing hard-to-place children, like those with special needs. These kids shouldn’t be denied forever homes because adults are fighting about sexual politics.

The Adoption Protection Act also ensures birth mothers have choices when making the heroic decision to place their child in the home of a forever family.

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is working closely with a coalition of mission-aligned groups to protect faith-based adoption providers, but we’re going to need your help to get this law across the line. Stay tuned for more information about what you can do.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director

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