MASSACHUSETTS: Raise Your Voice to Stop the Attack on Religious Freedom

March 22

Your state representative could vote any day now on a bill that would seriously attack religious freedom – even putting the livelihoods of some Massachusetts business owners on the line.  The state House is likely to vote on this soon, and your voice is needed to help stop it!

H.767 would prevent corporations from claiming certain religious exemptions – stripping away the protections for many business owners that were affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby decision.

If H.767 passes, business owners who decline business for religious reasons would be subject to fines and penalties up to $50,000 for repeated violations, not including damages and legal fees.  This could include a baker who declines to bake a same-sex wedding cake.

It could also go much further.  For example, as our allies at Massachusetts Family Institute have observed, this bill could be used against a Muslim sign maker who refuses to print a “Go Crusaders” banner for the Holy Cross football team.  The potential reach of this bill is widespread, and the consequences for affected businesses could be devastating.

Should Massachusetts business owners be forced to choose between living out their faith and providing for their family?

If you believe the answer is no, please take a moment to urge your state representative to vote against this bill.  It only takes a moment at our Action Center.

Thank you for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team