You Need To Know

March 28

You need to understand what happened in the State Senate Tuesday.

State Senator Michael Williams, who we have endorsed for governor, introduced a critical amendment to preserve religious freedom for teachers and faculty in our public schools, as well as several other pro-life and pro-family amendments.

Not only did these amendments not pass—they weren’t even given a vote!

So, with religious freedoms being stripped away and babies dying on our watch, a Senate with an overwhelming number of officials who would affirm support for religious freedom and life refused to even cast a vote for our values.

Now, I am not writing this email to criticize individual members or to ascribe blame. What I am saying, however, is that we need a culture change under the Gold Dome. It is time to move past box checking, platitudes, and empty rhetoric. It is time for action.

If you agree, I am asking for you to stand with us on May 22nd for Georgia’s primary election.

We have some good men and women down at the Capitol. But, we have far too few. We need more strength, more guts, more conviction. We need leaders who understand the reality that our foremost liberty (religious freedom) and the ability to exercise any liberty (the Right to Life) are being snuffed out.

I appreciate Senator Michael Williams and his commitment to bringing these issues to the forefront as the legislative session winds down. I call on others to express the same fight and fortitude.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has already endorsed Senator Michael Williams for Governor and Senator Marty Harbin for his re-election bid to the state Senate because of their bold leadership on issues that matter to Georgia families. And, we plan to endorse several more of these strong candidates as we head into the May primary and November general elections.

We hope that you will join with us to make sure that more leaders like Senator Williams are elected to boldly protect life, religious freedom, and families under the Gold Dome.

Because the stakes are too high to be silent,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director