This Is More Than Politics – This Is God’s Work

March 29

Devin and Melissa Penny are the parents of five children, including adopted twins Grace and Justice. They were adopted with the help of Julie Samaniego of Circle of Love, a Christian ministry in Wichita.

Dear fellow Kansans,

We weren’t always on the same page when it came to adoption. Devin had long been ready, but it took me a bit longer. Nine years into our marriage, my heart was finally softened, and I began feeling that calling from Christ to “love the least of these” and to “care for orphans and widows in their distress.” I noticed what a special place orphans and widows seem to have in Christ’s heart. I saw that beauty of adoption as this illustration of who we are in God’s family.

We knew we wanted to find an agency that saw adoption as a ministry, not just “baby placement.” We didn’t just need more kids – we had plenty of kids – we wanted to either provide an option for a mother in a difficult situation, or to help minister to the mother, even if she ultimately chose to parent the child herself. It was critical that we find someone to work with that saw working with the moms as a ministry – a way to love someone as Christ loves us.

We were introduced to Julie. It was inspiring to see someone willing to literally lay down their life and their plans for someone else. The amount of urgent phone calls Julie receives is mind boggling – and never at convenient times. She works with women struggling with addiction and helps to find them resources and develop life skills. She loves them.

We adopted twins through Julie’s ministry and watched first hand as Julie took meals and supplies to our birth mom and worked to get her set up with a job and rehabilitation services. She even helped our birth mom with her other kids so that she could make it to her appointments. This was clearly more than placing a baby. This was a ministry.

We need more faith-based adoption agencies. This is about more than politics – this is God’s work. Let’s step out of the way and let God move in the hearts of servants like Julie to love the “least of these” here in Kansas.


Devin and Melissa


FYI-The KS House could approve the Adoption Protection Act today if they concur with a key Senate amendment. Please visit our action center now to send a message to encourage your state representative to concur with the Senate Amendment on HB 2481.

Just 30 seconds of your time right now will send a strong message that we want to protect adoption in Kansas.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director