Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Ken Pullin For State Representative

April 6

I am humbled to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has decided to endorse Ken Pullin in his bid to represent your district in the State House.

Ken Pullin is a devoted family man, committed follower of Christ, and staunch conservative. I have seen the love he has for his wife, Shelby, and for his children Luke and Libby. Fighting for families is personal for Ken, and he will be a tireless worker standing up for yours.

Without a doubt, he will quickly establish himself as one of the strongest defenders of life, religious freedom, and family values at the Capitol from the moment he is elected. Ken is the kind of leader who is committed to whatever he sets his hand to do, and he is not running for office simply because he desires to increase his personal prestige. He is going to get things done for Lamar, Pike, and Upson counties!

Given his stellar credentials, I also expect him to quickly rise as one of the foremost influencers under the Gold Dome, and he will deliver profound results for the people of District 131. He brings a wealth of business experience, connection to the faith community, and years of grassroots activism. Ken also has a winsome personality, an ability to stand up for principles while also building relationships, and the character and conviction that leads others to follow him.

Finally, I want to say that Ken Pullin is a true Statesman and the kind of leader we need here in Georgia. I was privileged to meet him last year before he kicked off his campaign and thought so highly of him that I nominated him to attend our sister organization’s (Family Policy Foundation) annual Statesmen Academy in Colorado Springs. He belonged among the best and brightest rising leaders around the country, and, now, I am urging you to send him to lead among those who determine the direction of our state.

Proud to Stand with Ken Pullin,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

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