Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Sam Thomas for State Representative

April 6

I am humbled to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has decided to endorse Sam Thomas in his bid to represent your district in the State House.

If you are looking for the next generation of conservative leadership in Georgia, look no further than Sam Thomas. He brings a fresh outlook and boundless energy to public service, and he will quickly make his presence felt under the Gold Dome. Moreover, he is the authentic conservative who can truly represent the values and interests of Jackson County.

He is a bold, articulate, and highly capable champion for the families of our state, and he is someone who can deliver results for his constituents from Day One. Instead of a representative whose voting record is to the left of the district, Sam will relentlessly work to advance the conservative principles you and your family hold dear.

A fierce pro-life leader and committed advocate for religious freedom, Sam Thomas will make a profound impact for our values. He is unashamed to be a conservative, and he is willing to stand up to the special interest groups that seek to make Georgia more like California or Massachusetts.

Our Capitol needs more people like Sam Thomas. He is intelligent, a critical thinker, and a leader who genuinely feels called to serve. I have no doubt he will quickly distinguish himself as a difference maker who can take the fight to the radical left.

We are honored to support the candidacy of Sam Thomas, and I encourage you to do Georgia a favor by sending him to the State House.

Proud to Stand with Sam Thomas,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia