Perfect Values & Imperfect Leaders

April 6

Politics is painful at times…

And in these times of division, scandal and seamy exploits by our leaders paraded on television in the form of journalism—it can be particularly painful for our families and for our nation. Never has there been a time where this has been more apparent than with the Trump Presidency.

Christians who voted for Donald Trump knew exactly what we were getting… a morally flawed candidate who made promises that largely aligned with our values.

Christians who didn’t vote, or voted against Donald Trump, knew exactly what we were risking… a morally flawed candidate in Hillary Clinton who made promises that absolutely violated our values.

That was our choice—neither one ideal. Yet prayerful Christians came thoughtfully to either choice with a clear conscience.

As a ministry working in the public square on behalf of the family, we often find ourselves advocating for the pro-family policies we support, advanced by a leader whose behavior we do not.

This is why we cheer when President Trump promises to end tax payer funding for abortion (we’re still waiting Mr. President), nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and advocates for more like him, appoints Cabinet members that affirm Christian values and implements fiscal policy that helps strengthen the family.

But we groan in frustration with his tweets, his school-yard bullying and reject his deplorable behavior with and toward women. Oh, how we pray—and we do pray—that He would come to faith and that the many faithful men and women around him would successfully guide him toward Christlike behavior.

The critical midterm elections—in which Family Policy Alliance and our state allies across the nation are actively engaged—will be a referendum on the President’s ability to deliver results thus far, weighed against his current & past character flaws.

At the same time, Family Policy Alliance, is actively searching for, training and working to elect the next generation of Statesmen—men and women dedicated to carrying their faith to the public square and standing for the values that will benefit us all—even for those who oppose them.

Our unique form of government is not perfect. Neither is any candidate. But we will always strive to advance the values that are. Won’t you join us?

To support our efforts to keep or bring in new elected leaders to public office who will represent your values—and be driven by principle, not politics—please consider a non-tax-deductible gift to Family Policy Alliance’s efforts in the critical midterm 2018 election.

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Standing for the family of believers,

Paul Weber
President and CEO