Changing the Culture Begins With Elections Right Here in Georgia

April 12

When I speak at various gatherings, I occasionally begin by asking attendees to raise their hands if they believe our culture is going in the right direction. As you might expect, I have yet to see a single hand raised!

But, here in Georgia, we will have an opportunity to do something about that in less than 6 weeks.

You see, your vote on May 22nd is about more than political victories. It could also help fuel cultural change. And, that’s why I am asking you to devote significant time to prayer for the upcoming election.

Imagine if we lived in a Georgia where we had a governor that affirmed religious freedom and did not repudiate adherence to faith as discriminatory. What if our governor did not cave to the interests of the liberal Chamber of Commerce but instead upheld the First Amendment?

Such a governor- willing to stand up for faith boldly and without hesitation- would deliver more than just a political victory for religious freedom. That governor would send a signal to all Georgians- and even to our nation- that faith must be protected, that biblical truth is not discriminatory, and that clinging to the Gospel does not imply hostility toward our fellow citizens. What a powerful trickle-down effect that could have!

That’s why we have endorsed Sen. Michael Williams as the fearless leader our state needs. We produced this ad to show our support. And, you can see how boldly he will defend the First Amendment in this video as well.

But, this goes beyond Williams and it goes beyond the issue of religious freedom. If you follow our Facebook page, you are seeing a flurry of endorsements with more still to come. Imagine sending more men and women who share your values to the Capitol. What a difference that could make!

Think about what it would do for our culture to have more elected officials who affirmed that life is precious, begins at conception, and that all people are intentionally and wonderfully designed image of God. How could that not then lead to a transformation here in our state! Imagine the effect that could have on the child contemplating suicide, on the gender-confused teen tempted to believe their biology is accidental!

Politics and culture can often have a chicken and the egg relationship. Yes, politicians reflect their culture, but political leaders can also dramatically affect culture. Remember how quickly things changed once Barack Obama publicly supported gay marriage? What if Christians rose up here in Georgia to send a counter-signal that could sweep the nation?

We have a BIG opportunity on the horizon, and we cannot seize upon this without YOUR help. Over the next week, I ask you to pray- for the election, for the godly candidates we are supporting, for the Lord’s leading as to how He is calling you to engage, and for how you can partner with us to deliver victories on May 22nd that have a profound impact on our culture.

Next week, I will share with you more about how you can assist us in this effort. In the meantime, I simply ask you to pray and to pray with expectancy- that THIS could be the election that God uses to turn our state and our nation back to Him.

Because this election matters,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director