The Canary in the Coal Mine is Trying to Get Your Attention!

April 12

By Stephanie Curry, Esq., policy manager for Family Policy Alliance

At the turn of the century, miners brought canaries deep into coal mines as a test for the toxicity of the surrounding air.  Canaries are more sensitive to changes in the air than people. If the air was toxic, the canary would show symptoms before the miners.  This gave miners an opportunity to get out of the mine fast, before being poisoned themselves. Nowadays, to talk about the “canary in the coal mine” is to refer to a symbol for anything that can be viewed as an early warning sign for things to come.

Politically, we should all have our eyes on the canary in the mine – California. California’s extreme Leftist politics can often be an indicator of where progressive politics is headed over the next decade. If bad policies are accepted in California, they usually start to spread to other states. For years, California has been testing the atmosphere around “sexual identity politics”.

Right now, California has three bills on the table that have stunned observers around the country.

The first bill is California AB 2943.

This bill has the potential to censor Christian resources like books and conference materials, and even the Gospel itself.

If passed, this bill would outlaw any communication that is seen as an attempt to influence someone away from transgenderism or homosexuality –if that communication involves money passing hands.

The second bill is California AB 1779.

This bill would ban mental health care providers from providing counseling that would influence an adult away from transgenderism or homosexuality.

This bill targets adults that have guardians or conservators. Yet, we know many adults with severe disabilities should still have complete autonomy to make decisions about their own bodies and their own sexuality. This bill would take away that right.

The third bill is AB 2119.

This bill targets another vulnerable population, foster care children.

The bill would prohibit the state and foster care families from providing services that help a child to embrace their biological sex. Instead, the bill requires only services that affirm the beliefs of a child about their gender, pushing them towards transgenderism and medical treatments.

The primary benefit of the canary is that if something is wrong, it propels the people around it into action. Family Policy Alliance – in concert with our allied state organization, California Family Council – is calling Californians to action to oppose these dangerous bills.

If you live in California, please take action today!

If you live in another state, please pass this along to California friends, and be on the alert for similar schemes that will likely be coming to your state.  Make sure you and your friends are signed up for Family Policy Alliance alerts in your state, and get connected with our allied organization in your state.

Together, let’s stand united in support of the freedom to share our beliefs and, ultimately, the Gospel!