Your Values – Your Vote

April 12

While a candidate, President Trump referred to D.C. corruption as a swamp. Candidate Trump was on to something and “Drain the Swamp” became a rallying cry. From coast to coast, there is a contingent of voters who have kept that cry alive.

In the past 18 months, “drain the swamp” has been used in a variety of political venues. However, the meaning behind “drain the swamp” has become more elastic, often possessing a meaning different than originally intended.

Today, many people use the phrase in an attempt to paint every elected official who has been in office longer than his or her detractors would prefer, as an inhabitant of the nebulous swamp. That assumption could prove to be as dangerous to our representative republic as is the rancid swamp in D. C.

Fortunately, we American citizens DO live in a country in which we have the right AND the responsibility to choose our governing servants.

I understand the lack of trust in government and think it is safe to assume corruption exists. But does it exist everywhere? In every incumbent politician? I don’t think so.  It is dangerous to our Republic to imply that because an elected official has been in office multiple terms, he or she should be considered a possible swamp dweller and thrown out of office.

What values do you see as important? Integrity, commitment, knowledge of the issues…are your candidate’s principles for sale?  Do they know what they are doing? What is important to him or her? How do they prioritize issues of importance?

Here is the great thing about good elected officials who have experience: When that candidate possesses integrity, commitment, knowledge, character, attributes of a statesman, AND they have experience…they are golden! Those are the type of officials Idaho needs to keep in office! These are the people America needs in office. They are standing in the gap, sometimes alone… and they need our support. It doesn’t matter how long they have been in office. They have overcome the steep learning curve and are working for you!

These are the people Values Voters need! These are the people who can and do stand up against the mentality of a swamp.

It is up to every voter to learn about the characteristics of the candidate son their ballot – specifically: their depth of conviction, willingness to learn, breadth of knowledge on multiple issues, integrity and character.

It is incumbent on all of us to become informed and to vote our values! This is our first responsibility and a right granted us as citizens of our great state and country.

Take time to learn about the candidates in your district. If you don’t know your district go to Go to the candidate’s website to learn more about him or her. It is important that you are informed so that your vote goes to a candidate who will do a good job, and has the integrity and values your family needs in elected official.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

  • May 15th – Idaho Primary Election Polls open 8am to 8 pm…bring your identification.
  • To find your polling place, go to or call your county elections office.
  • April 20th – Last day to register to vote prior to election day. Registration is allowed on election day.
  • To request an absentee ballot go to
  • May 4th – Last day to request mail in absentee ballots
  • Late April-Early May: In person early voting

We cannot afford to “just let somebody else” handle this responsibility or stay home because we are frustrated. God has placed us all here for a time such as this.



Julie Lynde
Policy Director