Punishing the Kids: The LGBT Reality and How You Can Push Back

April 17

By John Paulton, Mobilization Manager for Family Policy Alliance

Last year, the leading funder of the LGBT movement warned that they were going to “punish the wicked.”  Of course, he meant people like you and me – people who believe in God’s design for sexuality.  But ten months later, it appears that the reality of the LGBT movement is mostly about punishing the kids.

The latest battleground?  Adoption.  Specifically, forcing faith-based adoption agencies to either abandon their convictions (about placing kids with married moms and dads) or to shut down.  Already, they have forced such non-profit groups to close their doors in Massachusetts, Illinois, D.C., and parts of California.  And they are actively suing in several other states.

But as stunning as this is, it actually fits a trend with the LGBT movement:

  • First, by advancing same-sex marriage, they intentionally robbed many children of the enormous social advantage of being raised by a married mom and dad.
  • Second, in working to ban counseling for children who are confused about their sexuality or gender, they are consigning many children to a lifetime of unnecessary pain and heartache.
  • Now, they are pushing for and celebrating the closure of adoption agencies!

Thankfully, members of Congress are taking action to stop this latest LGBT attack on kids.  Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) have sponsored legislation to protect faith-based adoption agencies.  It’s called the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act, and their bills already have a combined 77 co-sponsors.

But in order for this Act to move forward, it’s critical that thousands of people turn up the heat on their members of Congress.  Will you speak up for the kids today?

How does the attack on faith-based adoption agencies affect kids?

First, the more adoption agencies there are to walk alongside birth moms and to assist adopting families, the greater the number of children who will be able to find a forever home.  Specifically, faith-based agencies are especially successful at finding homes for children who are hard to place – the severely abused, older children, and those with special needs.

Second, birth moms often select faith-based agencies because they want their child placed in a home that aligns with their faith, or because the agency was the one that took time to really listen and walk with her through a difficult time.

Those benefits will be gone throughout the country if the LGBT movement gets its way.

Please help ensure that doesn’t happen by reaching out to your member of Congress and your two U.S. senators today.  You can send all three of them a message in just seconds on our Action Center.

Thank you for standing up for the kids!