Politics for Normal People

April 19

Dear Friends,

In my career, I’ve been underqualified for just about every job I’ve held.

At 23, I was a “Life Direction Advisor” at a small college. Next, I was hired to manage a program on economics at a white-shoe think tank in Washington even though I had never studied economics, never worked in politics or public policy, and didn’t really know what a think tank was. A few years later, Chuck Colson offered me a job managing the Manhattan Declaration, even though I knew very little about life issues, family policy, or religious liberty. After that, I was hired to work on a presidential campaign. I had zero campaign experience.

Each of these roles presented a tremendous opportunity to serve God by advancing truth in the public square. I didn’t earn the right to do any of it. I certainly didn’t have the most impressive academic record or special connections.

Why me?

There’s just one explanation: God chooses to use ordinary people to further his mission.

It’s always been that way. He chose Jacob, the second-born smooth-skinned momma’s boy, over Esau to father the nation of Israel. He chose David over his older, stronger brothers to be King. He used an orphan girl from a hated religious minority to save the Jews from destruction. He chose an unwed couple from Stumptown to parent Jesus. He chose a ragtag bunch of drop-outs as Disciples.

God works this way to ensure that he gets the glory he’s owed and to bless those who allow themselves to be used with the experience of faithfulness. There’s nothing like being used to accomplish his purposes knowing full well you could not possibly have done it without him. What an adventure!

I was reminded this week that in the fight for life, family, and religious freedom we are rarely going to have the most money, or the most powerful politicians in our camp, or the most influential voices in media. And that’s okay. That may even be good, because it means there can be no doubt who deserves the credit for what is accomplished.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director

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