YOU Can Decide Who Runs Our State

April 19

I’m going to be up front with you: we need your help this election cycle.

Because we are hard at work supporting fearless leaders for our families, we need to raise $10,000 this week to keep our plan fully funded. Can we count on your support?

The future of our state- and the next generation, our children and grandchildren- depends on what happens this election cycle. The candidates we support will:

  • Fight to protect life from conception, with the goal of ending all abortion in our state;
  • Uphold religious freedom and secure First Amendment Rights against the onslaught of the radical Left;
  • Protect the privacy and dignity of Georgia females from being forced to change in front of, use the bathroom with, and compete in sports against biological males;
  • Keep faith in adoption agencies and promote more opportunities for adoption and foster care in our state;
  • Make Georgia a national leader for educational freedom, school choice, and parental rights; and
  • Much, much more to strengthen and empower the family.

Our endorsed candidates are difference makers, culture warriors, and fearless champions for the issues we care about. On the other hand, the radical Left is funneling millions of dollars in from places like San Francisco, from organizations like Planned Parenthood, and from liberal mega-donors like Tom Steyer to take over Georgia and take away our values.

Now, our national office understands how important Georgia is, and we have a matching grant to match dollar for dollar what we raise here in our state. That’s why your generous gift today can make such a major difference!

My friends, Georgia is at a crossroads. We have veered down a leftward path, and it is essential that we use this election to take a stand. We are counting on you.

Because this election matters,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director