Will Your State Rep Vote for Life … or the LGBT Lobby?

April 25

As you probably know from our updates, the national LGBT lobby has been ganging up on faith-based adoption agencies – forcing them to either violate their beliefs … or shut down, as has happened in several states.

The key vote on this in Kansas is likely to happen this week.  Please make your voice heard today!

Where do things stand? After the state Senate took a stand to protect faith-based adoption agencies, it went to the House. But a number of Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat those protections by just six votes!

Now, they will get a chance to correct their mistake.  And you get one more chance to speak up to your state representative – urging them to protect life and religious freedom by upholding the vital work of these faith-based adoption organizations.

It’s very easy to take action.  Our Action Center will even fill in an automated message for you to send.

Please take action today and spread the word!

Eric Teetsel
President & Executive Director