COLORADO: Victory! Hundreds Speak Out and Senators Respond.

April 26

Thanks to hundreds of you who spoke up through our Action Center, a Colorado Senate committee took favorable action on two bills late Monday night, with some of our Family Policy Alliance team in attendance.

On a 3-2 vote, the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee defeated the bill that would have pushed sexually confused kids toward transgenderism and homosexuality. Bills like this – banning counseling that would help kids accept their God-given birth sex – are a top priority of the LGBT lobby nationwide.  Thankfully, these three senators upheld free speech, parental rights and religious freedom by voting to defeat the bill:

Sen. Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs)
Sen. Vicki Marble (R-Ft. Collins)
Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling)

The two votes in favor of this dangerous bill were Sen. Lois Court (D-Denver) and Sen. Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder).

Also, on the same 3-2 vote, the committee passed SB 241, a bill that ensures that faith-based adoption agencies can continue to serve families in Colorado.  This is great news for religious freedom and, ultimately, for protecting the life and well-being of kids who need a forever home.  That bill continues through the process, hopefully reaching the full Senate soon.  If you haven’t yet reached out to your own senator in support of this adoption bill, do it in just seconds at our Action Center.

We hope you’re encouraged with these results.  We certainly are – not only by the votes on the bills, but by the involvement of you and hundreds of other Coloradans.  Please be on the lookout for other updates as the legislature winds down.

The Family Policy Alliance Team