From The States: Nebraska-State Passes New Law to Provide Birth Certificates to Families Who Lose a Child in Miscarriage

April 27

Family Policy Alliance is proud to partner with Nebraska Family Alliance – one or over 40 state-based allies across the nation.

Our allied family policy group in Nebraska just helped pass a new law allowing families to receive a commemorative birth certificate for a baby lost in a miscarriage. Though Florida passed a similar law last year, Nebraska became the first state to not require a minimum gestation age to qualify for the certificate and to also allow the certificates to be retroactive, meaning any women in Nebraska who has suffered a miscarriage during a verified pregnancy can receive the state-issued certificate honoring their baby if they so choose.

Nate Grasz, Nebraska Family Alliance’s policy director, shared why they chose to advance this law: “It’s estimated 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and the grief of that loss is as real as the life itself…This small, compassionate change to the law makes our state an innovative leader in supporting grieving families.”

Nebraska Family Alliance is exactly right—creating a culture of life means honoring the little lives lost in miscarriage, as well as the families who grieve.

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