Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Sheri Gilligan for State Representative

May 2

I am humbled to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has decided to endorse Sheri Gilligan in her bid to continue to represent your district in the State House.

Leaders with guts are rare under the Gold Dome, but Sheri is a fighter. Time and again, she has proven a willingness to do the right thing regardless of political pressures or consequences. We need more like her!

Sheri Gilligan is NOT a politician. She has spent her life in the Navy, the CIA, and as a conservative leader. After devoting herself to protect our nation from threats, she has the fortitude to fight against threats to our values and freedoms. Without a doubt, Sheri is the conservative leader we need in the State House!

A committed voice for life, religious freedom, and strengthening the family, there are few more dedicated to fighting for values than Sheri Gilligan. These are principles that we can count on her to work tirelessly to uphold.

In addition to being a bold conservative, Sheri has a great passion for her community, the people of Georgia, and the movement as a whole. She is constantly working to advance Forsyth County, and citizens know she has a listening ear.

Those that would seek to take the state in a leftward direction, do not want to keep Sheri Gilligan. That’s why it is so important that conservatives unite behind her campaign. I know she is a woman of strong faith and a leader who can continue to make a difference for our values. Join me in strong support for Sheri Gilligan!

Proud to Stand with Sheri Gilligan,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia