Leadership Spotlight – Meet Dr. Gregg Schmedes

May 3

Dear Friends:

At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we frequently talk about the need for greater engagement from people of faith when it comes to public policy issues and elections. Thankfully, in recent years, we have seen greater participation, particularly during the annual Legislative Session in Santa Fe. From rallies to committee hearings, more and more Christians are beginning to take an active role in our government and speak out on the issues that matter.

One of these Christians is Gregg Schmedes, a local doctor from Tijeras.

I first met Gregg two years ago while I was still working for the state. During this time, I learned that in addition to sharing a common faith, Gregg and I also shared a strong commitment to defending life. As a doctor, Gregg felt the medical community needed to be more vocal in the abortion debate. Consequently, he began to spend his personal time attending committee hearings and floor sessions, and providing expert testimony on life-affirming legislation.

Gregg’s dedication to serving and being a voice for the voiceless did not begin in New Mexico though. During college, he organized and led missions’ trips to Mexico, and from 2014-2016, he served in Cameroon as a teacher and surgeon for Samaritan Purse’s World Medical Mission.

Today, Gregg is as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of New Mexico and the State Director of the American Academy of Medical Ethics. Even more important, he is a committed Christian, devoted husband (Kelly), and proud father to five beautiful children.

Several weeks ago, I talked about the growing frustration with the direction of our state. At the same time, I mentioned the strong contingent of faithful, godly leaders we have that give me renewed hope and optimism for the future of New Mexico. And while Gregg does not currently serve in elected office, he is certainly one of those leaders and a man who unashamedly espouses the values of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, including servant leadership, winsome engagement, and inspired hope.

Gregg is a wonderful example of how God can use one person to make a difference. But thankfully, Gregg is not the only one. There are many others, including people like you who continue to pray for and support our ministry.

So, on behalf of this ministry and all our staff, thank you! Together, with God’s blessing, we are making a difference!

In His Service,

Vince Torres
President & Executive Director