San Fran-lanta

May 3

Here’s the reality: over the next 4 years, our state could become a national leader in honoring God, protecting religious freedom, cherishing human life, and promoting thriving families. Or, we could continue the journey toward becoming San Fran-lanta– a place where leftist groups reign, religious expression is silenced, life is devalued, and parental rights are compelled to surrender to the will of the state.

Georgia is right on the precipice, and that’s why this election is so important.

Right now, all statewide, congressional, and legislative seats (and more) are on your ballot. At Family Policy Alliance, we have identified the foremost difference makers around the state and endorsed their candidacies. Among them are a fearless conservative with the will to oppose the radical Left, a leader whose personal adoption story compels him to fight for the family, alumni from Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, an author of some of Georgia’s foremost pro-family legislation, a pastor whose commitment to Jesus shines forth, and a conservative Christian millennial who will be a fixture of the movement for the next generation.

So, what can you do to help these candidates:

  1. Pray- NONE of them will win without the will of the Lord. We are relying on our God to do a mighty work to achieve victory, and we also must pray for His sustaining grace on the candidates and their families while they campaign for us.
  2. Share- Who you support matters a great deal to your friends, fellow congregants, and co-workers. For several of our endorsed candidates, we have even put together video ads that can be seen on Facebook. These ads have generated over 175,000 impressions already! Please make sure to share on your page and discuss this election with your friends.
  3. Get Involved- Plug in with our efforts or those of a local campaign, put signs in your yard, knock on doors, and make phone calls. We must wake up the Body of Christ in Georgia to make a difference in this election.
  4. Contribute- We are producing mail, video, and direct voter targeted advertising to support our endorsed candidates, but this costs money. To help us reach pro-family conservative voters with these messages, please consider a contribution to Family Policy Alliance of Georgia.

We have a real opportunity this election cycle… or, we could wake up to a Georgia that we no longer recognize. The choice is ours!

Because this election matters,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director