A Good Kind of Pain

May 10

I am not going to lie, this one hurt. As I celebrated a great victory for families and for our movement, I—an intensely competitive person—was stung by the fact that my colleague beat me to the punch.

First, the good news: Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, led by my esteemed colleague Eric Teetsel, passed a bill that will allow the state’s faith-based adoption agencies to operate with assurance that they will not be compelled to perform adoptions that violate their conscience.

Now, here’s the bad news: weak politicians here in Georgia refused to pass such a bill this past session.

But, thankfully, I have another piece of good news: we are not giving up the fight!

We cannot allow the liberal agenda to drive faith-based adoption agencies out of our state and keep others from coming. This not only violates the First Amendment, it does great harm to the children who depend on their services. This bill, quite frankly, is a no-brainer!

Our team is working on more research, talking points, and materials to make sure that this fight can be successful in Georgia in 2019. If you are committed to making certain that we can effectively lobby this bill to passage, please make an online contribution today.

I congratulate my good friend, Eric, on his hard work and success in Kansas. What a great testimony to God’s grace! But, if I am being honest, I am also hurt that he beat me on this one (trust me, it’s going to be a one-time experience for him)!

Let’s partner together and show that Georgia won’t let Kansas stay in the lead for long!

Protecting Faith in Adoptions,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director

PS. Yes, I know I have bombarded you with election materials, but this election is now less than 2 weeks away. If you haven’t voted already, please consider this issue as you vote. I am proud to say that our endorsed candidates for Governor (Michael Williams) and Lt. Governor (David Shafer) were big supporters of this legislation.

PPS. I want to take a moment of personal privilege to acknowledge my wife’s birthday today. My beautiful bride, Spencer, is the delight of my heart and is far more than I deserve. She has stood by my side, supported me, and been an incredible mother to our 3 crazy boys. That’s a HARD job!!! I am so grateful for God’s great grace in bringing her into my life.