BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance of Idaho Endorses…

May 10

Elections sometimes seem like inconsequential events—we fill in our bubbles for candidates we usually don’t personally know and move on, perhaps never hearing anything about the person we voted for (or against) ever again.

But, the reality is that the “bubble-filling” really does carry enormous consequences. We take elections very seriously because elections determine whether Idaho will have lawmakers who respect your right to parent your children, who will protect the right to life, and who will honor religious freedom—or lawmakers who will make it a personal mission to change Idaho into a state that looks more like California or New York.

This is why Family Policy Alliance of Idaho also takes our endorsements very seriously. When we choose to endorse a candidate, we put our “stamp of approval” on this man or woman—believing that through our very thorough vetting process we’ve identified a candidate who will stand strong for life, families, and religious freedom in Idaho.

As you consider your vote in Idaho’s primary election on May 15th, we strongly recommend you consider the following candidates who have earned our endorsement.

For the next Idaho Governor

Raul Labrador

Raul Labrador currently represents Idahoans in Washington, D.C., as a U.S. Representative for the first congressional district. This year, he’s running for Governor. We had the privilege of hosting Congressman Labrador at a forum open to all the candidates for Governor. Family Policy Alliance President Paul Weber, as well as Idahoans in attendance, were able to ask the candidates for governor many thorough questions about how they will lead Idaho as a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

By the end of the event, it was clear that Congressman Labrador is the right choice for Governor.

Congressman Labrador—with his deep experience and passion for Idaho—is uniquely equipped to lead the nation’s third fastest growing state including Boise, our nation’s fastest growing city. Raul is dedicated to life from conception to death, the protection of religious freedom, the advancement of parental rights—including educational freedom and home-schooling—and defending our children’s privacy on sports teams and in locker rooms. Congressmen Labrador combines wisdom, perseverance and a servant’s heart. – Paul Weber, President & CEO, Family Policy Alliance

For Re-Election to House District 1B

 Sage Dixon

Sage Dixon is from Ponderay, and he’s been representing Idahoans in the 1st district for two terms now. Sage has been deeply involved in North Idaho for many years as a businessman, speech and debate coach, and through volunteer service on various efforts to protect the Constitutional rights of Idaho citizens.

Sage attended Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy where he was trained in the art of statesmanship—and how to stand strong for values despite the pressure while in office.

Sage Dixon is the ideal statesmen! He is dedicated to working across the aisle to ensure that the best ideas come forward. He is recognized by conservatives and liberals alike as a leader. Yet, he remains true to his family values and is not timid about standing firmly on his convictions. Sage is leader who will represent not only the best interests of his district but, the best interests of Idaho. We’re honored to have Sage as an alumnus of the Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy and proud to stand behind him as he serves with excellence. – Paul Weber, President & CEO, Family Policy Alliance

For Re-Election to Senate District 11

 Patti Ann Lodge

Patti Anne is from Huston, and she’s been representing Idahoans in the 11th district for nine terms. She is a wife, mom of three, and grandmother of five.

Senator Lodge has been a stalwart of family values for years. Her experience and understanding of the legislative process is invaluable to the family and the Family of Believers in Idaho. She consistently takes on the liberal ideology that creeps in from the coasts and she does so with a smile. We need more like her in the state Senate. – Paul Weber, President & CEO, Family Policy Alliance

For Re-Election as Secretary of State

 Lawerence Denney

Lawerence is a man who takes his Christian faith seriously. He is also a lifelong Idahoan who was raised in Midvale. Lawerence and his wife have four children and eight grandchildren.

Lawerence is a strong, principled Conservative. Before his current role as Secretary of State, he served Idahoans as a legislator, including as Speaker of the House. As Speaker, he stood strong for God’s design for marriage by sponsoring the Idaho Marriage Amendment in 2006. He consistently stands for pro-life and pro-family values.

When I met with Secretary Denney recently, I found myself in the company of an experienced leader who is committed to fair and honest elections, the advancement of business, and transparency of government. He is a capable and effective voice for the people of Idaho. – Paul Weber, President & CEO

For Re-Election to Senate District 20

 Chuck Winder

Chuck is a Christian businessman and former Navy aviator. More importantly, he’s a family man—a husband, father of two, and grandfather of seven. Chuck has been serving Idahoans in District 20 for five terms.

Chuck regularly sponsors good, pro-life legislation. He now serves as a key leader in the Senate, Senate Majority Leader. Chuck is a true statesman, and we are proud to endorse him for his re-election.

For Re-Election to Senate District 4

 Mary Souza

Mary’s extensive background in nursing helps inform her stance as a strong pro-life leader. Mary is from Coeur d’Alene and has been serving Idahoans as Senator for her district for two terms.

Mary lives out her principles in her role as an elected leader, and we are proud to stand with her in her re-election.


For Re-Election to House District 7B

 Paul Shepherd

Paul is a strong family man who’s been married to his wife Dawn for 57 years! Together, they have 9 children, 41 grandchildren, and 35 great-grandchildren!

Paul has been serving Idahoans in his district for seven terms now. He is a strong, humble, principled conservative. Every year he works hard to advance pro-life legislation. He is a great ally to Family Policy Alliance of Idaho and to families in the 7th district.

For Re-Election to House District 15A

 Lynn Luker

Lynn Luker is a worthy leader for Idaho’s 15th House district—and more importantly, he is a family man with eight children and 24 grandchildren! He is an attorney and thoughtful, consistent fighter for family values. The Left likes to target Lynn for his excellent work protecting religious freedom for Idaho families—which means it’s all the more important for Idaho families in the 15th district to keep Lynn as their representative!