NEW HAMPSHIRE: Urge Gov. Sununu to Veto These Two Bills!

May 10

Gov. Sununu is about to decide whether two dangerous bills become law in New Hampshire.  Your voice is needed to urge him to veto them.

We told you last month about one of them, HB 587. It would push many minors toward transgenderism – by allowing counseling that encourages them toward sex change, but banning counseling that helps them identify with their birth sex. The same would apply to kids with unwanted same-sex attractions.  This bill would create a one-way street for New Hampshire kids – towards transgenderism and homosexuality.

The other bill is HB 1319, which creates a special class of civil rights based on “gender identity.” As our friends at Cornerstone Action observe, all New Hampshire residents are already protected under anti-discrimination law. This bill simply creates special rights for a few people on the basis of “gender identity.” If this bill becomes law, any man who claims to be a woman will be allowed to use women’s locker rooms, showers and bathrooms. It will also create inequities in sports, scholarships, etc.

Here’s what you can do:

Thank you for taking action!

The Family Policy Alliance Team