Please Thank Gov. Colyer for Supporting the Adoption Protection Act

May 10

Dear Friends,

Just one step remains before Adoption Protection becomes law – the governor’s signature.

Immediately after the decisive vote in the Kansas Senate, Gov. Colyer’s team released this statement: “Catholic Charities and other adoption agencies are key to the fabric of our communities. I look forward to signing this bill because it increases the opportunities for needy children to find loving homes.”

Opponents haven’t given up. Left-wing activists are pressuring Gov. Colyer to veto the bill. Our coalition is confident that’s not going to happen, but we want the Governor to hear from Kansans across the state how much we appreciate his commitment to life, family, and religious freedom.

Please write or call Gov. Colyer and tell him, “Thank you for supporting the Adoption Protection Act!”

Email: Contact Governor Colyer directly through is website

Office Phone: (785) 296-3232


Eric Teetsel
President & Executive Director