Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Franklin Rozier for State Representative

May 15

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is proud to announce its endorsement of Franklin Rozier for State House.

Franklin Rozier is a leader who truly represents his community. Since setting up his law practice in Blackshear more than 40 years ago, he has established an impeccable reputation of honesty and integrity.

In all aspects of life, Franklin has established a record of service and leadership. He rose to the ranks of Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserves, has served the state in a variety of capacities, displayed his love of our community through participation in countless local organizations, and proved his conservative bona fides with years of dedicated activism on the issues we care about.

Franklin Rozier is the real deal.

As you know, we are committed to shaking up the status quo under the Gold Dome by electing more conservative leaders who care more about public service than political power. Franklin Rozier is exactly what we need. He has a passion for our values and principles, and he will take bold, public stands for the families of South Georgia. Sending Franklin to the State House is a great step in defending life, protecting religious freedom, and standing up for our faith.

On May 22nd, we have an opportunity to elect a representative who identifies as a Christian and a conservative first and foremost. We need more like him, and we are proud to endorse Franklin Rozier for this critical seat.

Because this election matters,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director


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