Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Jody Hice for Congress

May 16

Most assume that Georgia’s status as a “red state” from the “Bible Belt” should lead to strong, conservative representation from our congressional delegation. Unfortunately, that is not always the case… but it is with Congressman Jody Hice. Because of his commitment to fighting for our values in Washington, Family Policy Alliance is proud to endorse Jody Hice in his bid for re-election.

Since his election in 2014, Jody Hice has been the pro-family leader we hoped he would be. He has stood his ground, gone against the grain, and been a strong advocate for families. More than simply a reliable vote, Congressman Hice has established himself as a leader in the movement and a true champion. He stands out, and we are honored to stand with him.

As some of you know, Jody Hice was a pastor and a faith leader prior to coming to Congress. Now, he brings his pastoral leadership as Co-Chair of the Values Action Team- where he brings together other leaders to generate dialogue that will advance issues important to families.

Leaders like Congressman Hice – who serve to glorify God and bless His people, not accumulate accolades for themselves – are rare. He is the kind of representative we are proud to partner with and pray to see their influence grow. The 10th District has been profoundly blessed by his leadership.

In this topsy-turvy election cycle, the Left is hoping to flip a number of seats in Georgia, but we are confident the voters will stand with this bold, pro-family leader. Still, it is essential that, both on May 22nd and in November, we send a signal that those who stand on principle will be rewarded at the ballot box. Let’s work to deliver such a resounding victory for Jody Hice!

Proud to support Congressman Jody Hice,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director


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