The Safe Spaces Smokescreen

May 17

An email was recently circulated about Safe Spaces Teacher Training workshops. The trainings would have taken place in Minot, Bismarck/Mandan, and Jamestown over the next few weeks. The concept of safe spaces sounds like a great idea to help protect our children (what parent doesn’t want their child to be safe?), but considering the source, there was clearly an agenda here. The training workshops were to be hosted by Planned Parenthood.

So, what exactly does the email say? It mentions training focusing on, “the importance of creating a supportive environment in schools to approach topics such as teenage pregnancy, bullying, and inclusivity. Specifically, we will cover consent, healthy relationships, sexual orientation & gender identity, the effects of social media on adolescents, body image and violence.”

Planned Parenthood’s homepage has four main areas of “help” listed: STDs, Birth Control, Abortion, and Emergency Contraception (Morning-After Pill).

Do you think these topics would have been part of the teacher training? I almost guarantee you that they would have been fully integrated into the curriculum. I’m confident that teachers would have been “educated” on how these are all options for school age children, not to mention the sexual orientation & gender identity “inclusivity” that would be part of the curriculum. Even more disturbing was that the training was meant for teachers of K-12 grades. That’s right, sex education for your elementary school child, compliments of Planned Parenthood!

Based on our shared values, I doubt that you want your child’s teacher being fed this agenda that is already becoming more pervasive in our culture and counter to all we believe and hold dear. Here’s the good news. Concerned members of our legislature stepped in and stopped the classes from being held. I want to personally thank each of them for taking a stand and protecting our children from this underhanded scheme of Planned Parenthood to further their agenda!

Despite this victory, I’m certain that Planned Parenthood will at some future point again try to indoctrinate the people charged with shaping your children’s lives. They actually attempted something similar with the Fargo public schools a few years back, so they are definitely not giving up.

Neither should we, but what can you as a concerned parent do? Continue to ask about what is taught in your school’s sex education programs. Find out about the training your children’s teachers are receiving on these subjects. It is your right to know this information. Never forget that you, as a parent, are ultimately responsible for what your child learns!


Mark Jorritsma
President & Executive Director