Insider Report Ahead of Tomorrow’s Election

May 21

It’s finally here! Tomorrow, May 22nd is Election Day, and this primary could not be more critical for the future of our state.

Make sure to pray, vote, and encourage your friends to support pro-family candidates. As we saw in 2016, the poll numbers are not vote totals, and an army of believers can make all the difference at the ballot box.

Now, ahead of tomorrow’s vote, I wanted to provide you with 6 things to watch for as the results are unveiled:

  1. The Governor’s Race– When we endorsed Michael Williams, he was an underdog and the media continues to oppose his candidacy. I have seen momentum building, but we still need a last-minute surge. Can the conservative, faithful voters around Georgia push him into the runoff? We are prayerful that this strong, fearless leader can continue to be our torchbearer into the next stage of this race. It is a foregone conclusion that Casey Cagle will finish in the top spot, but Brian Kemp, Hunter Hill, and Michael Williams are vying for the right to face him one-on-one for the Republican nomination. On the Democrat side, the two Staceys- Abrams and Evans- are fighting over who is the most liberal.
  2. The Other Statewide Races– While I am prayerful that our endorsed candidate, David Shafer, can win the nomination outright, I believe he is likely to head to a runoff with Geoff Duncan being the most likely opponent. Electing David Shafer is HIGH priority for conservatives because the Lt. Governor wields incredible power in leading the Senate. And, it is David who brings a commitment to our principles combined with a strong knowledge of how to make an impact in this key role. For Secretary of State, we have not made an endorsement, but I genuinely like all 4 candidates. I expect Josh McKoon to make the runoff, but Brad Raffensperger has made a strong TV push to emerge as well. David Belle Isle has picked up momentum throughout the campaign, and Buzz Brockway has a strong network around the state. For Insurance Commissioner, that will be an interesting race between Jim Beck and Jay Florence. Both have factions of conservatives supporting them.
  3. Top ProFamily Senator Under Attack- Senator Chuck Payne is not only an alum of our sister Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, he has distinguished himself as a foremost pro-family advocate in the Senate. Sadly, he has come under fire in the primary, and we are working to keep him in office. This race will be key in sending a signal that a strong position on our values will lead to victories in primaries.
  4. Conservative House Challengers– We cannot be afraid to challenge bad legislators, and we are supporting two men who are bold enough to do so: Ken Pullin and Sam Thomas. Those they are challenging have significant personal baggage AND a host of bad votes. On the other hand, Ken and Sam are both young, God-fearing, pro-family leaders who would make a major difference at the Capitol. We are praying and laboring for their victory!
  5. Open Seat Opportunities– I am thrilled that my good friend, Pastor Kipper Tabb, is running for an open seat in Gwinnett County. Electing Kipper would add to the coalition of leaders with fortitude under the Gold Dome, and he can be a real difference-maker there. Others, like Kelly Stewart and Franklin Rozier, have been endorsed by Family Policy Alliance for the same reasons. They can partner with us to shift the legislature in a more God-honoring direction.
  6. The Liberal Chamber of Commerce Trying to Defeat REAL Conservatives– Some of the strongest leaders under the Gold Dome like Marty Harbin, Rep. Matt Gurtler, Rep. Sheri Gilligan, and Rep. David Stover are under attack from the liberal Chamber of Commerce and allied groups. They don’t want religious freedom or pro-life and pro-family policies so they are attacking these conservatives who are willing to go against the grain. It is essential that we keep these bold leaders in office!

What happens tomorrow is a pivotal step toward protecting babies, securing religious freedom, and promoting the family here in Georgia. But, it is just the beginning. As the results roll in, we will be evaluating what went right, what went wrong, and which of our endorsed candidates will need assistance moving forward.

And, yes, we will be rolling out new endorsements as well! We plan to keep you updated along the way. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Praying for Victory,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director

PS. If you have any questions as you prepare to vote, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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