Lt. Governor Brad Little for Governor!

May 24

Congratulations to Lt. Governor Brad Little for his Gubernatorial primary victory over challengers Congressman Raul Labrador and businessman Dr. Tommy Ahlquist. The Republican primary concluded with Little receiving over 37% of the vote compared to Labrador’s nearly 33%, followed by Ahlquist at 26%.

In April, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho hosted the Lt. Governor and his rivals for a citizen’s forum where each of the candidates was asked a series of questions focused primarily on their stances on important family and social issues, as well as how best to lead the nation’s third fastest growing state and Boise, the nation’s leading growth city. While Family Policy Alliance of Idaho ultimately endorsed Congressman Labrador for Governor, Little’s responses to our questionnaire and at the citizen’s forum very closely aligned him with the critical family values Idahoans hold dear.

Specifically, Lt. Governor Little was asked if—and he affirmed that—he would use his office to advance a culture of life in Idaho, recognizing rights for the unborn from the moment of conception and protecting life till natural end. Little strongly stated that, “Idaho does not use state dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and abortion, and it will stay that way when I’m Governor.” He also promised to not conduct research on human embryos.

When asked about protecting religious liberty in Idaho—especially for business owners who express their views about faith and marriage—the Lt. Governor responded that, “Idaho enacted a religious freedom restoration act several years back, and I would consider any legislation that further protects these First Amendment freedoms.” This includes Little’s stance in opposition to the Obama Administration’s overreach in “gender equality law” that would have forced schools to permit men and boys in girls’ locker rooms, restrooms and showers.

Brad Little also affirmed that parents should have the opportunity to educate their children in the school of their choice and indicated his support for education savings accounts, tax credits and scholarship programs to enable that choice. Little also indicated his strong support for public schools in providing quality public education for parents who choose that route for their children.

Lt. Governor Little will face democrat opponent, former representative Paulette Jordan, who received an endorsement from abortion giant Planned Parenthood as well as from the emerging anti-Trump group Indivisible, which seeks to promote progressive policy.

Because of his strong stance for life, for family, for parental rights and for religious liberty, Family Policy Alliance of Idaho supports for Brad Little as the next Governor if Idaho, and we encourage you to support him as well.

Standing for the family of believers in Idaho,

Paul Weber
President & CEO