A “Tsunami” in New Mexico?

June 14

Dear Friends:

“The blue wave is coming!”

If you have watched the mainstream media or heard from the Democratic candidates running for office in New Mexico, odds are you have heard this sentiment expressed in some form or another. According to many, Democrats are poised for historic gains at the state and federal level this November, and given New Mexico’s current political climate, there is no doubt that 2018 is going to be an uphill climb for Republicans in our state.

However, if we place party colors and labels aside, and look at political ideology, New Mexico voters are facing much more than the possibility of a blue wave—they are facing the probability of a progressive tsunami.

Last August, Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, was quoted as saying, “If 2018 is a Democratic wave, we want a tsunami of progressives elected up and down the ballot.”[1] Here in New Mexico, we need not look any further that the results of the primary election to see this effort in action. Last Tuesday, progressives up and down the ballot scored key victories in what widely became a game of, “Who can be even more liberal?” Not all Democrats played along though, and at the end of the night, a handful of traditional, moderate Democrats were handily defeated by their progressive opponents.

There is no debating the fact that progressives are becoming more and more successful in New Mexico politics, particularly at the local level. However, in the face of a statewide, liberal, progressive takeover this year, it is unclear whether a majority of all voters will go along with them.

These are 3 reasons I believe many New Mexicans—including some Democrats—will think twice before handing control of our state over to the progressive movement this November:

  1. The vast majority of voters in New Mexico do not identify with the extreme factions of either major political party.
  1. Under the control of progressive leadership, the Democratic Party of New Mexico has become increasingly hostile toward those who do not toe the radical line, including moderate, traditional Democrats.
  1. New Mexicans have suffered greatly from the political corruption and government overreach that occurs when one political party controls all branches of government.

Whether you agree with me or not, one thing is clear—the outcome of the November election could very well dictate the direction of our state for an entire generation. And when it comes to our issues at Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico—religious freedom, family, and life—the outcome will certainly dictate whether we are fighting to advance these issues or fighting to defend them from continued infringement and assault.

Make no mistake, the future of New Mexico is up for grabs. The bad news is, those on the other side of our issues are enthusiastic and mobilized. The good news is, our votes count just as much as theirs and there is still plenty of time for us to close that enthusiasm gap and mobilize to make an impact this November.

So, today, I am asking you to join me in a firm commitment to be informed; to get engaged; to speak out for religious freedom, family, and life; and to vote this November for the candidates who share and support our values. Together, let’s make a difference in New Mexico and fight for a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, and life is cherished.


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director


[1] Corse, A. (2011, August 11). Democrats Focus on State Elections at Netroots Convention. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from https://www.wsj.com