Breaking News: Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Brian Kemp for Governor

June 19

The race to be Georgia’s next governor has narrowed, and pro-family voters have a clear and strong choice for the upcoming runoff election on July 24th. That’s why we are excited to announce our endorsement of Brian Kemp for Governor.

As you know, the Left desperately wants Georgia, and the stakes could not be higher for this election. Now more than ever, we need bold and faithful leaders who won’t place “politics” at a place of pre-eminence. Instead, we need an executive of our state who will embrace our values, put families first, and do the right thing regardless of attacks from the radical Left and mainstream media.

My friends, that is Brian Kemp.

In my most recent visit with Brian, I was all-the-more encouraged by his bold vision for our state. Like me and so many of you, he is concerned about the state he will pass on to his children, and he plans to continue to campaign openly as the pro-values, pro-freedom, and pro-family candidate. As we concluded our meeting, I was honored to pray with him, and, frankly, I prayed for victory. Here’s why:

  • Brian Kemp is unashamedly pro-life, and he isn’t content to simply “throw a bone” in our direction. He has, time and again, committed to making Georgia a national leader in cherishing human life.
  • As a strong believer, he will not back away from protecting religious freedom and our faith-based institutions. Under a Kemp Administration, Georgia will no longer lag behind the rest of the nation in upholding the First Amendment.
  • Believing that the family, not government, is the most essential factor in a child’s success, Brian is also a staunch advocate for school choice. Unlike his opponent, he believes that putting parents in control and focusing on the needs of the child is “good policy,” and he will be a strong ally for us.
  • Brian has also demonstrated a willingness to take the heat that comes with placing our values ahead of the whims of political correctness. Despite representing one of our state’s more liberal areas, Brian established a conservative voting record and won re-election. As Secretary of State, he proved a willingness to go toe to toe with the Obama Administration. And, in campaigning for governor, he has stood strong against attacks that have come his way as he articulated a commitment to our rights. Brian Kemp has the fortitude we need in our next governor.

In recent years, the leadership of our state has treated the idea of being “the best place in the nation to do business” and being “a state where God is honored” as two opposing ideals. Yet, that is simply not the case. Other strong governors like Greg Abbott of Texas or Matt Bevin of Kentucky have proven what conservative, pro-family leadership can do. And, at the national level, we have seen how a change in leadership has- in just 18 months- made strong gains for life, religious freedom, and the centrality of the family.

I am prayerfully confident that we will see similar results under a Governor Kemp. I have enjoyed getting to know Brian personally, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to partner with him for a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

My friends, Brian’s opponent in this runoff has many admirable traits, but the difference between the two is stark. While the recent recordings made headlines, they were hardly a surprise to those of us who labor at the Capitol. Conservatives have had challenges with Casey Cagle’s inconsistency with respect to our values and with understanding whose side he is really on. I am worried that trend would continue if he were governor. Moreover, in a contentious general election, values voters need to be energized to engage and show up to vote, and Brian Kemp is the one who can generate that enthusiasm.

I am truly thankful Brian Kemp has answered the call to serve Georgia, for his tireless work that has him neck and neck for this seat, and for the opportunity to help this pro-family leader become our next chief executive. I hope you will join me in working toward that end.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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