Breaking News: Family Policy Alliance of Kansas Announces 2018 Candidate Endorsements

June 28

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is proud to announce our slate of endorsements for the Kansas House primary election!

Electing statesmen who understand that the law is one important way Christians can “seek the welfare of the city” is a priority of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas. In 2018, the stakes are high up and down the ballot, but especially in the Kansas House of Representatives, where all 125 seats are up for election.

Did you know by passing the Adoption Protection Act Kansas was one of only two states to pass legislation of any kind opposed by the Human Rights Campaign and other opponents of the dignity of life, marriage and family, and religious freedom? We did it by just 1 vote.

We have a plan to elect a majority caucus of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty members in 2018. Each candidate listed below has demonstrated a commitment to the dignity of life, the centrality of marriage and family, and religious liberty as the foundation of human rights.

Endorsed Candidates
Kansas House of Representatives

Calloway, Terry
Jacobs, Trevor
Smith, Eric
Croft, Chris
Tindle, Londa
Esau, Charlotte
Toplikar, John
Huff, Sue
Jenkins, Eric
Thomas, Adam
Tarwater, Sean
Bingesser, Wendy
Donohoe, Owen
Thacker, Ron
Barton, Tony
French, David
Ellis, Ron
Mason, Les
Lynn, Megan
Highland, Ron
Corbet, Ken
Snowden, Michael
Awerkamp, Francis
Garber, Randy
Martin, Kathy
Claeys, JR
Karleskint, Jim
Carpenter, Will
Rahjes, Ken
Helmer, Cheryl
Rhiley, Bill
Burris, Jesse
Capps, Michael
Erickson, Renee
Bergquist, Emil
Vickrey, Jene
Delperdang, Leo
Walker, Michael
Humphries, Susan
Hawkins, Dan
Waggoner, Paul
Rafie, Abraham
Whitmer, John
Hoffman, Kyle
Locke, Jeffrey

 Not sure which district is yours? Use the Action Center to find out!

 The primary election is August 7. Put it on your calendar!


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director