Family Policy Alliance Endorses Rep. John Carson!

July 3

It is a privilege to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® has endorsed Rep. John Carson in his re-election bid. With radical leftists seeking to take over our state, it is critical that those who care about families, parental rights, Georgia values, and opportunities for children circle this campaign as one to pray for and engage in.

Any list of effective legislators in Georgia will feature John Carson at or near the top. He is skilled at developing relationships, understanding the rules, building a winning coalition, and delivering results for his constituents. When John Carson’s name is on or associated with a piece of legislation, you can be confident that the chances of its passage are high.

Even better, however, is that John Carson uses this ability to glorify God, help families, and put children first.

When our organization launched here in Georgia, John was gracious enough to reach out and provide counsel. Since then, he has become a trusted confidant and a friend. However, he has been a friend to the pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-educational freedom community for long before we came to Georgia. A devoted follower of Christ, these issues are personal for John, and he has been a strong advocate for our values.

Those who support educational freedom may already be familiar with this foremost leader. When double the children have the opportunity to take advantage school choice options, they have John Carson to thank. His commitment to increasing the Georgia Education Expense Credit Program from $58 million to $100 million will benefit thousands of children across the state.

Now, John Carson’s exemplary record is one that should keep him safe from any challenge. But, his opponent is running on a radical leftist ticket in support of Stacey Abrams and the so-called “blue wave,” and she will stop at nothing to take this seat away from conservative, pro-family hands. In fact, she’s already mocked Bible-believing Christians with a nasty depiction of Jesus Christ.

We have a real opportunity to send John Carson back to the State House, and it is essential that those who share our values roll up their sleeves and do all they can to support this re-election bid. He possesses a unique combination as one of our state’s top pro-family leaders AND one of its most skilled legislators. If you support an agenda of strengthening our state, upholding the family, and providing more opportunities for children, then I encourage you to join me in standing with Rep. John Carson.

Fighting for Families,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director