Family Policy Alliance Endorses Robin Mauck!

July 5

I am proud to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has endorsed Robin Mauck in her campaign to represent you in the State House.

You, in District 105, have a real opportunity to not simply elect “just another representative.” You have a chance to elect one of the most articulate, bright, and compelling pro-family leaders across our state.

When you talk to Robin Mauck and hear her positions on the issues, it is impossible to walk away anything but impressed. Her passion for family, for the sacred Right to Life, for freedom, and for faith truly stand out. This commitment is contagious, and she will be more than a reliable vote for our values. She will instead prove to be a leader who draws out the best in her colleagues and improves the legislative body as a whole.

Robin Mauck is not a part of the professional political class. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and pro-life leader. She understands that ALL life is precious, and her commitment to the unborn will make her one of the foremost leaders for saving babies in the entire State House.

Throughout her life, Robin has shown a commitment to the issues she is campaigning on. She doesn’t just say she’s pro-life; instead, she’s spent years as executive director of a pregnancy medical clinic helping pregnant women and providing them with the resources needed to understand the truth. She doesn’t just check a school choice box; she’s ensured that the different educational needs of her six children were met (two were homeschooled, two graduated from public school, and two are attending private school). And, as a pastor’s daughter, devout believer, and mother and grandmother, protecting religious freedom is something Robin takes seriously.

Her story is incredibly compelling. She’s faced hardship and overcome. She’s well-educated, used her education to help teach and train others, understands the challenges of starting and growing a small business, and has spent a life dedicated to serving others.

With a small number of elections being held on July 24th, we are being selective in the campaigns we engage in. BUT, this opportunity is too great and Robin would be too much of a difference-maker for us to stay silent.

Please join us in supporting Robin Mauck as your next State Representative.

Fighting for Families,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director