On the Governor’s Desk- 2019

July 12

What will make it to the governor’s desk in 2019?

What will he/she be willing to sign?

We will have a new administration here in Georgia and a host of new legislators, and next year will be a critical time for family policy.

Whether or not we get pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-family legislation to a governor willing to sign in 2019 depends on what happens over 3 dates and times:

  1. July 24th Coming soon, voters have the opportunity to set who will be on the ballot in November. What happens in just 11 days will determine whether Georgians have a conservative, pro-family option to elect.
  2. November 6th This is the general election and will determine who represent us. EVERY statewide office and EVERY legislative seat will be on the ballot.
  3. Legislative Session 2019- Kicking off in January 2019 and running through March, the legislative session becomes the time for the personnel we elected to enact the policies they ran on. Will it be a new era for a conservative, pro-family agenda? A continuation of the status quo? Or, a leftist regime that seeks to rob us of everything we hold dear?

As you can see, it all starts with what we do in 11 short days. With the right team in place, here are some of the issues we turn into law here in Georgia:

  • Landmark pro-life legislation that could put our state in a leadership position nationally
  • Religious freedom legislation that will protect Christians across the state
  • “Simon’s Law” which protects parents in making healthcare decisions for their children
  • Legislation that ushers in more adoption agencies by providing protections for their faith-based missions
  • Nation-leading freedoms for students and faculty who are being silenced by radical leftist, anti-God groups
  • More opportunities for ALL students by increasing access to public school sports and facilities, providing school choice options, and empowering parents.
  • And, much more

Obviously, conservative candidates will embrace these opportunities, and a Georgia that turns Left would see leaders who not only oppose these efforts but offer their own radical agenda.

The options for November will be set based on what happens in the runoff, and believers need to make their voices heard. We cannot be content to vote for the better of two bad choices in the general election. If you want conservative champions, you need to act now.

We refuse to miss this opportunity to make an impact, and we are counting on you to stand with us. Please support FPA of GA’s efforts to elect strong pro-family candidates in 2018 with a generous contribution today.

Your gift will even be DOUBLED by a generous ministry partner who wants to see a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Can we count on you to stand with us?

If we want to get conservative legislation to the governor’s desk and, ultimately, signed, then the battle starts now. Please consider supporting our efforts, be in prayer, make sure to vote, and work to ensure your pro-family friends join you in making their voices heard.

Praying for our state,