CALIFORNIA: How YOU Helped Delay the “Hush-Up” Bill … for the Moment. Please Keep Up the Pressure!

July 19

For months, Family Policy Alliance in partnership with our ally at the state capitol, California Family Council – in partnership with our ally at the state capitol, California Family Council – has been keeping you posted on AB 2943, the bill that would shut down free speech on biblical sexuality. And you and other Californians have responded with nearly 40,000 emails sent to California legislators through our Action Center – plus countless phone calls.

In fact, The Christian Post reported that one pastor received a phone call from a legislator who was in tears after receiving nearly 3,000 calls opposing the bill.

In response, the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Evan Low, has delayed a final vote in the Senate until early August.  Your emails and phone calls are working!

But this battle isn’t over yet!  Assemblyman Low is likely hoping that, after a little time, senators will forget somewhat about the opposition and pass the bill in August.

That’s why it’s so important that every Californian who cares about free speech and religious freedom speak up to their state senator now – even if they did so before.

You can do that in just seconds on our Action Center.  With just a click, you can send an updated message to your state senator and assemblyman (since the bill could go back to the Assembly for another vote as well.)

And please pass this alert – or the Action Center link – to others via email, Facebook or other social media.  Let’s continue to speak up and spread the word – and make a difference for truth and freedom!

The Family Policy Alliance Team