Who Can You Trust in an Election Cycle?

July 21

Dear Friends,

You already hate politics. It’s about to get worse.

Yesterday, a friend texted me the photo below. It’s a mailer being distributed in my area on behalf of a local candidate. As you can see, the mailer contends that the candidate is 100% pro-life.

Here’s what’s weird: Family Policy Alliance of Kansas endorsed the other candidate in this race. So did Kansans for Life. If neither of the state’s major pro-life organizations endorsed this candidate, who is sending pro-life campaign literature on her behalf?

The front of the mailer includes a return address (required by law) for something called “Alliance for a Secure Kansas.”

A review of the Government Ethics Commission campaign finance receipts and expenditures report for Alliance for a Secure Kansas reveals that it is the PAC of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Contributors include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kansas City Power and Light, Burns & McDonnell, Hallmark, and others.

These businesses have no interest in defending the unborn. The candidate who best serves their political interests lives in a pro-life district, so they’re using the pro-life issue to advance their corporate agenda.

Disturbing, right?

This is why Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is committed to getting involved in campaigns and elections. Widespread chicanery like this means you need an organization you can trust.

Our first round of mail pieces will be distributed in the next few days, with a second round following up soon after. We’ve already announced our endorsements for the House and several statewide races, which you can find HERE.

Next week, I’ll share with you a one-page scorecard from the 2017-2018 legislative session so you can see how your representative voted on life, family, and religious freedom.

Will you share this information with your friends and family members? Post it in Facebook. Let people know there are deceptive organizations out there trying to fool them, but Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is an organization they can trust.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director