COLORADO: Jared Polis, Meet Baby Oliver

July 26

Jared Polis, the Boulder congressman who is running for Governor of Colorado, has some explaining to do.

Polis is best known as the gay-identified mega-millionaire who joined with Tim Gill to swerve Colorado politics to the Left over a decade ago. But he’s also become well known for his aggressive push to turn Colorado health care over to the government through a socialized, single-payer plan.

While he cloaks that plan in terms of compassion, the real story of socialized medicine around the world is one of rationed care and cold-hearted government control.

Perhaps nothing captures that reality better than the story of Baby Oliver. He’s the British boy who was given up on by Britain’s single-payer system – until concern about a public-relations nightmare forced them to allow American doctors to save his life.

Please send a quick message to Jared Polis today, urging him to renounce his plan for a socialized, single-payer health care system in Colorado. We’ve pre-drafted a message, so it only takes seconds on our Action Center.

He needs to hear from an overwhelming number of Coloradans who will not stand idly by while our health care is taken over by the government.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team – in partnership with our allies at Colorado Family Action