How to Win in November

July 26

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® has endorsed Kevin Cramer for the U.S. Senate and Kelly Armstrong for the U.S. House of Representatives. These two men are stalwart defenders of life, religious freedom, educational options for parents, and many more values you treasure. The way to protect and advance your values is clear: elect Kevin and Kelly to Congress to represent you on these important issues.

In contrast to the values these gentlemen stand for, their opponents, U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and former state senator Mac Schneider, have shown that they do not support key life and family values.  Senator Heitkamp voted against the 20-week abortion ban, and as a result, helped to perpetuate the killing of countless innocent preborn children.  She is also on record supporting the liberal LGBTQ transgender agenda. Similar to Senator Heitkamp, democrat Mac Schneider has supported bills that would allow men/boys into girls locker rooms and, during his time in the North Dakota House Senate, he voted against multiple bills that would have protected the lives of preborn children

So how do we see pro-family North Dakotans elected to represent us in November? Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota is already engaged in election work in state and federal races. We have:

  • Created a state-wide strategy for engaging in North Dakota elections,
  • Established a campaign headquarters (in Fargo),
  • Recruited a North Dakota Election Field Director (Janelle Steinberg),
  • Recruited volunteers and begun call center-related work, and
  • Endorsed key candidates.

We need your help in many of these areas such as volunteering*, but particularly in funding our election activities.  Our election work protecting your values will stretch for many months—right up to election day—and your support today will be stretched even further! Thanks to generous ministry partners, we have two matching grants, allowing you to TRIPLE your giving today!

  • For every gift NOW up to $20,000: your generous contribution is tripled (every dollar you give turns into three in support of our election work)


  • For every gift received between $20,000 and $50,000: your money is doubled (each dollar becomes two dollars)

Right now is a fabulous time to give to Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota’s election work, given these unprecedented matching opportunities. You know us and trust us. We promise to be faithful stewards of your donations and to leverage them to produce the greatest possible impact.

Won’t you help us elect pro-family candidates this November? Donate now and automatically get the appropriate match applied by going to our dedicated election fundraising website, or contact us if you’d like to donate by check or some other method.

Thank you for supporting our election work this year. As it says in Daniel 11:32b, “the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” Now is the time to act!  Please help us advance your values in Washington and in Bismarck by financially contributing to our election work.  Thank you for your support.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

*If you want to know more about being a volunteer, please reach out to Janelle Steinberg, our ND Elections Field Director, at or 701-212-9007. We offer a number of great incentives and you can be on the front lines making a difference for your family values!


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