Here’s Our 2017-2018 Legislative Scorecard!

August 2

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to share with you the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas scorecard for the 2017-2018 legislative session.

Recently, my friend, a former legislator, told me a story about the time when his officemate, a pro-abortion Republican, was supposed to meet with a group of pro-life constituents. The officemate was held up for a few minutes, so my friend chatted with the group about a piece of pro-life legislation he was sponsoring. When the pro-abortion Republican showed up, the group excitedly shared with him how grateful they were for his support of the pro-life bill.

They had no idea their representative was anti-life. He was a Republican from a conservative area, so they assumed he shared their values.

This is all too common. Ultimately, the best way to know if your representative is committed to defending your values is not their words, campaign literature, or party affiliation, it’s their votes.

That’s why we created the scorecard.

We included just five crucial votes on legislation directly related to life, family, and religious freedom. There’s no ambiguity here. No confusing legislative maneuvers. No “gotcha” votes. We aren’t putting members in a tough spot by asking them to weigh the good aspects of legislation over the bad.

Truthfully, these were easy votes. Declaring pornography a public health hazard? Ensuring women know if their doctor has been disciplined by an oversight board? Affirming the right of parents to make health care decisions for their minor children? Defending faith-based adoption agencies?

You are either for life, family, and religious freedom or you aren’t.

Will you share this information with your friends and family members? Post it in Facebook. Do your family and friends a favor by helping them know what’s what.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director


p.s. Don’t forget to vote on August 7!


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