The Murder of “Mr. Nice Guy”

August 2

In perhaps the most offensive act since Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ate a Chick fil a sandwich, a UGA professor had the audacity to call gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp a “nice guy.” This “radical” statement received a swift rebuke from the leftist mob and an apology was forthcoming.

While my wording above is tongue-in-cheek, the harsh criticism brought against the tweet- which was written by someone who has known Kemp since childhood and spoke only to his character- was anything but. The professor was verbally attacked, labeled a “racist,” and called “privileged” because he had experienced a conservative, pro-family Republican to be a “nice guy.”

Let me start by saying this: Brian Kemp IS a nice guy. That’s been my experience with him, and it is an experience shared by virtually all who have gotten to know him. Quite frankly, his character, humility, and sincerity were among the reasons we felt so strongly about endorsing his candidacy.

However, the radical Left won’t hear it. They believe everyone who disagrees with them is a monster, a boogie man, a racist, or a bigot. Their tolerance level: ZERO.

Liberals are working to murder the idea that a pro-family conservative like Brian Kemp can be a nice guy. The vitriol that met the UGA professor was disturbing but it also underscores two points that each of us need to be aware of heading into an intense fall election:

  1. Leftists no longer believe in the American individual. Their fidelity to big government has now gone to such extremes that they genuinely expect each of us to be mindless drones, required to fall in lock-step with a radical leftist ideology. It’s why they work to silence faith in schools, eradicate debate on college campuses, and wage war on Christian business owners. It’s also why they attack the notion of religious freedom as being hostile to individuals. They refuse to respect the dictates of anyone’s conscience- other than the collective conscience of the radical Left. So, as liberals create false arguments heading into November, remember this: they don’t believe in people, and they don’t believe in diversity. They believe only in blind fidelity to their big government, anti-God, anti-individual ideology.
  2. Our pro-family candidates will be fiercely attacked this fall. Stacey Abrams and her supporters are already waging a desperate and hostile campaign. They will treat Brian Kemp- a faithful husband, committed father, and proven public servant- as though he is the “enemy.” They will treat him as evil, and the campaign against him will have an utter lack of civility. Falsehoods will be thrown against him, and he and his family will see the worst of humanity rise up against them in the coming months. This means that each of us needs to not only pray for Brian and his family but also stand shoulder to shoulder with him through whatever public means is available.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. FPA endorsed candidate for State House, John Carson, has already been attacked by his opponent for his Christian faith. Other allies are being singled out and targeted because of their support for religious freedom. The Left will pull out all the stops, show no restraint, and do whatever it takes to defeat those who have defended and supported Georgia families.

Across our state, we are committed to defending pro-family candidates who come under attack. Will you stand with us? Your gift today at is essential to defend those who champion our values.

The campaign against pro-family candidates will be intense, vitriolic, and, quite frankly, hateful. Our state faces an existential threat from those who are hostile to our values and who utterly reject any notion of civility. Stand with us as we stand with those whose commitment to Georgia families is placing them in the crosshairs.

Committed to Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director