Did You See What You Did on Election Night?

August 10

Dear Friends,

What an election night. With your help, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas took a major step towards building a pro-family, pro-life, pro-freedom majority in the House of Representatives next year. Here’s what you accomplished:

We endorsed 49 candidates for the House of Representatives; 42 of them won their primary. (13 of 20 won contested primaries.)

Our team targeted five incumbent Republicans for defeat, primarily for voting against the Adoption Protection Act and other pro-family legislation. You helped defeat four of those five. Congratulations to Paul Waggoner, Will Carpenter, Chris Croft, and Bill Rhiley!

We targeted another four open seats in which the incumbent was retiring and a candidate who shares our values was facing a challenger who doesn’t. We helped win three of four. Congratulations to Renee Erickson, Charlotte Esau, and Wendy Bingesser!

We also saw our endorsed candidate for State Board of Education, Michelle Otte Dombrosky, Congressman Ron Estes, and State Treasurer Jake LaTurner win their races. Well done!

A friend asked me to give the election a grade, and I answered A-.

A- because several tremendous men and women put themselves on the line and came up just short. A debt of gratitude is owed to heroes like Ron Thacker, Kathy Martin, John Whitmer, Renee Slinkard, Londa Tindle, Robert D’Andrea, Clark Shultz, and others. The list of politicians who lost races is long and distinguished. We are likely to see these candidates again.

As a friend and I were discussing these results, he pointed out how strong our movement is when we work together. He’s right. I and the team at Family Policy Alliance play our part, but we can’t do it without you. We each have our role, and I couldn’t be prouder to work with every one of you.

We’re still awaiting the final tally in the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in what is one of the closest major races in American history. No matter who prevails, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas will start working to send them and the rest of our pro-family slate to the Capitol.

Thank you for voting! Thank you for walking and making calls. Thank you for supporting our efforts financially. Please stick with us as we turn our attention to November.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director