Will YOUR Library Invite Drag Queens to Talk to Kids?

August 14

The push to give drag queens personal face time with kids is becoming widespread, and Family Policy Alliance is calling on Americans like you to take action.

If you heard about Drag Queen Story Hour and thought it was limited to libraries in New York City and Los Angeles, it’s time to think again.  A review by Family Policy Alliance has discovered that such events have already happened or are planned in at least 40 states.

With backing from the American Library Association, most of these events are happening in public libraries.  The events feature one or more drag queens in full garb – reading stories and engaging in hands-on craft projects – all to push the message that their behavior and lifestyle is perfectly normal.

In Boston, the public library hosted the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – a group that mocks Catholics – for a presentation to children (photo at right).

But evangelicals aren’t left out either. Just this month, the Brooklyn Public Library hosted a story hour with drag queen Rev. Yolanda, known for “Rev. Yolanda’s Old-Time Gospel Hour.”

Perhaps most alarming is that the push for these events is now going national, with events happening in all but a handful of states.

However, there is reason to believe that with organized opposition, some of these attacks on kids, families and faith can be stopped. Libraries in some communities have been reticent to host these events – forcing organizers to look for other sites. And a major library in Phoenix even cancelled an event after facing opposition from local residents.

Please join Family Policy Alliance in taking a stand against these events. Here’s what you can do:

Thank you for speaking up for our kids!

The Family Policy Alliance Team