How the Alliance Works for You!

August 16

Dear Friends,

You may be aware of some of the things that Family Policy Alliance of Idaho does specifically in Idaho. But you may not be aware that we are partnered with a national alliance that helps make all we do happen. This alliance works in over 40 states to ensure that pro-family legislation gets passed in state legislatures across the nation.

It takes a lot of sharing of ideas, resources, and strategies to make the work that we do happen, so each summer we gather with the directors of the forty other states in our alliance to spend time learning from each other’s experience. This year the executive directors of our state allies gathered in Rome, Georgia, to discuss the progress the family policy movement has made this last year and where we want the movement to go in the future.  We invited members of our national alliance, as well, to provide expert analysis on the issues of life, religious freedom, and family from across the nation. All of us working together spent time talking about some hard issues and exploring ideas that will help us as we go into next year’s session.

As Ecclesiastes 4:12, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Getting in a room with other leaders who work on the same issues we do utilizes this Scriptural principle and makes us stronger as we face an ever increasingly difficult culture. The leaders at this conference are from red, blue, and purple states so they understand some of the unique challenges we face in Idaho but can also prepare us for some of the challenges that have not yet come to Idaho.

This is how we prepare our battle strategy for next year’s legislative session so that we can do our utmost to advance the cause of Christ in our state legislature. These new ideas and policies help you because in the end many of these ideas become policies that will make Idaho a place where God is honored, religious liberty flourishes, life is cherished, and families thrive!

Preparing in faith,

Brittany Jones
Policy Director