More Protections for Female Prisoners Than Female Trauma Survivors?

August 21

By Autumn Leva, Esq., VP of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance®

When President Obama left office, he left behind a collection of policies intended to advance a “transgender agenda”—at the expense of women’s and girls’ privacy and safety.

Thankfully, President Trump’s administration has been actively working to end those policies, restore common sense, and protect privacy and safety for women and children.

For example, President Trump’s administration undid the Obama-era rule requiring public schools to permit men and boys to enter girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms—or else risk losing all federal funding.

Similarly, President Trump’s Department of Defense took the time to actually study what impact permitting transgender-identifying individuals to participate in the military as the opposite sex would have—and concluded that this would harm military readiness and effectiveness. The Department of Defense also looked at the significant cost for “transitioning” servicemembers—noting that the cost to taxpayers for medical expenses for these individuals is at 300% of the medical costs compared to a servicemember without these concerns.

President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is also studying the impact that prior HHS regulations have had on healthcare professionals, especially in the area of religious freedom. Family Policy Alliance and our network of state-based family policy allies specifically asked HHS to take a look at how Obama’s “transgender mandate” would negatively impact the healthcare industry. The “transgender mandate” would require doctors to take drastic measures to alter even children’s bodies—even if they believe it would be harmful or if the child would not want to identify as the opposite sex later in life.

Even the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has changed its policies. Under the Obama administration, prisons were required to consider “gender identity” when placing a prisoner—meaning that a man could be issued women’s clothing, use women’s showers or even be transferred to an all-women’s prison by saying he identifies as a woman, without having had a sex change operation. Now, under Trump Administration guidance and because BOP was the target of multiple lawsuits from women who were threatened and abused as a result of the new policy, biological sex will once again be the first factor considered when placing prisoners.

But, there is one federal department that has conspicuously NOT changed its policies since President Trump took office. Under President Obama, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) passed its own “transgender rule,” requiring that women’s shelters accept men who identify as women. While all policies that open up intimate spaces to the opposite sex are inexcusable, this rule is especially dangerous.  That’s because these shelters are filled with women who have been victimized by men – physically, mentally and even sexually. So far HUD, under the leadership of Secretary Ben Carson, has not undone this dangerous rule.

This begs the question—why are prisoners granted more privacy and safety protections than women who are trauma survivors?

We need your help to encourage Secretary Ben Carson to change the HUD “transgender rule” quickly. All you need to do is add your name to the PETITION! It only takes one minute.

Thank you for your help in restoring common sense to our government, protecting girls’ privacy and safety, and ensuring that HUD joins the other federal departments in undoing harmful Obama-era rules!