A Day in the Life…

August 23

I am asked on a regular basis what we do at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota. More specifically, I am asked what we do to represent and defend your pro-life and pro-family values.

There are many ways that we represent you, but I’d like to list a few of the more important ones. On an average day, we at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota engage in some or all of these types of tasks on your behalf.

  • Analyze over 1,200+ bills introduced each legislative session for issues that affect your family values and then identify the best methods of influencing the legislative process
  • Testify on your behalf in committee meetings during legislative sessions
  • Connect with legislators to strategize and work on bills that protect your values
  • Help elect state and congressional candidates to public office who will uphold our shared values
  • Form alliances with churches, businesses, and other groups to advance our beliefs
  • Inform you about national and state issues through emails, Facebook, Twitter and other mediums and ask for your help contacting legislators on critical issues
  • Identify legislators to attend our Statesmen Academy where they are inspired, encouraged, and educated on how to best integrate their faith into the political arena
  • Speak at rallies, write letters to the editor, and work with media to get our message out to the public
  • Develop plans and strategize with similarly aligned organizations as part of our Family Leadership Team
  • Coordinate with the other 40+ similar state organizations that are part of our national network

We perform this work on a daily basis, year-in and year-out, representing you and your family. I could provide more examples, but the video at the top of this email says it better than I can. Please take two minutes and hear from one family what Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota means to them.

All of this work takes resources. That’s why I’m asking you to prayerfully consider helping us fund our current primary focus: election activities. Our election work protecting your values will stretch for many months—right up to election day—and your support today will be stretched even further! Thanks to generous ministry partners, we have two matching grants, allowing you to TRIPLE your giving today!


Show Washington what values you and your family stand for!  Donate now and automatically get the appropriate match applied by going to our dedicated election fundraising website or contact me personally at 701-355-6425 if you’d like to donate by check or some other method.  Thank you so much for helping us ensure God-fearing candidates are elected this November!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director