“Chaos”: Left Targets Kavanaugh – and What You Can Do!

September 4

If it wasn’t evident already, this morning made clear that the Left is holding nothing back to defeat Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaugh’s first day before the Senate Judiciary Committee was marred by angry protests and about two dozen arrests – mainly of pro-abortion and LGBT protesters who interrupted the hearing with yelling.

But Democrat senators were in on the act, too. Democratic senators on the committee repeatedly interrupted the committee chairman, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, with demands that the hearing be delayed. The antics seemed to carefully follow a “chaos strategy” that was agreed upon over the weekend, as reported by NBC.

If the Left seems desperate, it may be because their efforts to smear Judge Kavanaugh for the last several weeks have been fruitless. His reputation as a brilliant and well-qualified jurist stands untarnished.

However, three factors indicate that this confirmation battle is not a done deal.

First, the Left is willing to do anything. Are surprise accusers – a la the Clarence Thomas hearing in 1991 – in the offing for this hearing? At this point, nothing from the Left should be shocking.

Second, the Left is spending millions of dollars to oppose Kavanaugh, much of it from pro-abortion groups. In fact, Planned Parenthood just announced this morning an additional six-figure TV and radio ad buy in select locations.

Third, with Republicans holding a slim 51-49 majority, any waffling by Republican members could be disastrous.

That’s why it is critical that supporters of Judge Kavanaugh keep the heat on their senators.

Even if you have spoken up before, please take a moment to send a message to both of your U.S. senators. It only takes a few moments on our Action Center.

Thank you for praying, speaking up, and spreading the word!

The Family Policy Alliance Team