Do You Ever Doubt?

September 6

Do you ever doubt that God intervenes in our culture today? Sometimes, it’s easy for that doubt to creep in as we see our culture seemingly embrace evil more and more each day and wonder: where is God’s presence here?

But, then, as He so often does, he will occasionally show Himself in such a mighty and forceful way that it erases all our doubt (at least until our sin nature allows it to creep back in). Today, I want to offer two such examples to praise the Lord for his powerful intervention.

First, as you no doubt have seen on the news, we are in the midst of a 2nd Supreme Court confirmation process that few thought possible. With Justice Neil Gorsuch already on the bench, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is before the Senate with the hopes of a swift confirmation. Despite the experts having a near-universal opinion that Hillary Clinton was a lock to win in 2016 and set to appoint radical, leftist judges, we are on the verge of having a Court that will seat a majority of constitutional jurors. Only a mighty work of the Lord has made this day possible.

Second, is a story you may have seen out of California where an openly gay legislator withdrew his legislation that would silence Christian counselors and pastors. This legislator had public momentum and political support for the measure in California but, out of a desire to find common ground with concerned believers, he withdrew his bill. That NEVER happens! While my California colleague, Jonathan Keller, deserves credit, there was nothing any human could have done to stop this. This was a work of the Lord!

But, what do these two events have in common? You see, in both cases, the Lord- though, certainly powerful enough on His own- chose to use the awake and alert Body of Christ to achieve his means. In 2016, believers like you showed up to vote in record numbers. And, in California last week, leaders like Jonathan, pastors, and congregants were used to soften the heart of the legislator behind the anti-faith legislation.

That’s why I am issuing this challenge: can you commit to talking to 1 new person, every week between now and Election Day, about why you are supporting Brian Kemp and the other pro-family leaders endorsed by Family Policy Alliance? If Christians here in Georgia make this commitment and talk to one person per week that they don’t normally talk about politics with, the victories this election cycle will set our state on a course that will have an incredibly positive impact on families.

The Lord does not need you, and He does not need me. But, He wants to use us. We are called to act, and my hope is that you will join me in rising up to this challenge.

Another request: On another note, I would like to ask you to join me in assisting one of our 2017 Statesmen Academy Alumni, Judge Cassandra Kirk. She is a brilliant, faithful, and people-centered judge, and she has been nominated for an award recognizing her for Rising in Community Excellence. We were honored to host her last summer, and we are thrilled that her commitment to servant leadership is being recognized. Please vote for Cassandra Kirk for Civil Servant of the Year here:

Final Note, Join us on October 25!We are hosting an event at the Atlanta Athletic Club on October 25th to discuss our efforts here in Georgia, and we will be joined by radio host and Christian, conservative thought leader Erick Erickson as a special speaker. This event is a great opportunity to hear about reasons for hope in our state, and you can RSVP at I hope to see you there!

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia