The Most Radical Candidate in Georgia History

September 20

Georgia, it’s time to wake up!

Many of us frequently encounter people who are not engaged in this pivotal election and who may stay home in November. We must make them aware of the kind of threat our state faces if voters who share basic American values decline to make their voices heard.

Stacey Abrams is, without a doubt, the most radical candidate in Georgia history. Here’s how:

  • She has touted an endorsement from Planned Parenthood and supports abortion on demand.
  • At a time when Planned Parenthood has an increased presence in public schools, Abrams promises to bring more “sex education” to our students.
  • While many of our students are able to attend college through the HOPE scholarship, Stacey Abrams wants to threaten its foundation by expanding its recipients to include illegal immigrants.
  • One of the worst blights on our state- and our society as a whole- is the evil of sex trafficking. Instead of joining an overwhelming majority of her colleagues in opposing this evil (HB 341 was passed 168-1), she literally “took a walk” on two occasions to avoid a vote. See Rep. Bert Reeves’ moving piece here. As a follow up, Abrams and her campaign have made it clear that she walked and refused to vote because she opposed the bill.
  • She has pledged to repeal the school choice scholarship program that has been increased to $100 million so that more students can have an opportunity to leave failing schools and have a greater opportunity. In fact, she opposes any form of school choice- a direct assault on parents, opportunity, and moderate to low-income families.
  • Stacey Abrams has vowed to oppose any bill that respects religious freedom and believes your free exercise of faith should be a second, or even third, class right.
  • Counter to any rational position to keep Georgia families safe, Stacey Abrams voted against tougher penalties for gang violence, and she blanketly accused police officers of terrorizing families.
  • In addition to pointing to herself as a foremost advocate for same-sex marriage, Stacey Abrams has proven to fully embrace the radical LGBT agenda. This means an all-out assault on our values, indoctrination in schools, and the denunciation of biblical truths as “hateful” and “bigoted.” It also means taxpayer expenditures on promoting the LGBT community through offerings like “Drag Queen Story Hour.”
  • Given her radical record and extreme rhetoric, it should come as no surprise that George Soros is investing millions in her campaign and that the Metro Atlantic Democratic Socialists of America has endorsed her. She is also endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Barack Obama, and a “Who’s Who” of radical leftist groups.

My friends, there’s a reason that the vast majority of Stacey Abrams’ campaign donations come from outside of Georgia. She’s the radical candidate Californians and New Yorkers want for our state!

Stacey Abrams says that she is a person of faith and that she wants families to thrive. However, her policy positions are a direct affront to people of faith and an assault on the safety, opportunity, and values of Georgia families. It’s up to US to defeat her radical agenda!

As liberals try to create a “wave” across Georgia, they have recruited radical candidates who, like Abrams, hold far-left, anti-family views. They are mounting challenges to dozens of legislative allies and form a ticket that, if successful, would devastate our state. It’s up to US to keep this “wave” from reaching Georgia!

Will you stand with us? We are just $7,569 short of our Oct. 1 goal to impact elections across our state. To protect Georgia values and support Georgia families, consider helping us reach our goal by contributing today.

Polls show that this election is very close, and it will take all of us working together to elect pro-family leadership for our state. Please join us in sharing this information, praying, voting, and supporting our efforts.

On to Victory,


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